Devon Scoble

Devon Scoble

Toronto, ON, CA

Freelance writer

Devon Scoble is a Toronto writer specializing in shareable lifestyle content: food, parenting, wellness, entertainment and more! Contact her at devonscoble at gmail dot com.

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Casserole article
When it comes to potlucks, let people bring what they want — who cares if it's all desserts?

A potluck isn’t forever; it’s one special event defined by a sharing spirit...

Conservative cheese article
Election night: Party and cheese pairings

The longest federal election campaign in Canadian history is finally nearing its close. Celebrate the winners, the losers, the haircuts - and the most importantly, the end - with an election results party... article
How Justin Trudeau's liberal arts education is part of his political appeal

Stephen Harper warned that Justin Trudeau — an English literature grad and former teacher — wasn’t ready to be Prime Minister, but a Statistics Canada study released in April showed nearly a third of young humanities graduates are actually overqualified for their jobs...

Aria 2c henry moore article
The Las Vegas cure

When sin is your specialty, you naturally learn a thing or two about redemption...

Anigif enhanced 27328 1430252373 1 preview article
23 Things Everyone Who's Trying To Get Pregnant Can Relate To

If only it were as easy as birds and bees...

Dirty talk article
How to talk dirty without sounding like a dork : The Loop

It’s actually not as hard as you think...

Tumblr inline nxys52ogbl1tt66bm 540 article
EXCLUSIVE: Molly Sims tells Yahoo Canada about going to law school and admits to once being jealous of Heidi Klum

When Molly Sims gets excited, she moves her arms rapidly. One gamine limb is flung sideways to highlight her passion for list-making and organizing, while two manicured hands, fingers outstretched, flit around her face as she enthuses about her favourite crime shows...

Tumblr inline nwl7wkw1nw1teotb2 540 article
Exclusive: Celebrity photographer Myriam Santos offers tips for taking photos with celebrities

It will likely take some courage to ask for the picture, but then what? How can you differentiate your on-the-spot-selfie from the thousands already floating around on Instagram?

Doc daniel s article
Documentary Daniel's World frames insights into pedophilia | Metro ...

The phrase ‘virtuous pedophile’ may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s the self-identifying term chosen by a group of men who have committed to never — ever — act on their sexual attraction to children...

Tumblr inline nwby73hjm31tt6268 540 article
How to teach your toddler about consent

Consent is a buzzword these days – for good reason – and teaching our kids to respect and protect their bodies (and others’) is important. But how early should we start?

Image miscarriage article
What my miscarriage taught me

If there is any good in this experience, it must be in the sharing...

Las vegas strip article
How to actually enjoy Las Vegas when you hate gambling : The Loop

Skip the slots and spend your money on fine food, fast cars, art, spas and adventures instead — the options are almost endless. Here are our recommendations for a winning Vegas weekend.

888 chef in your ear chef advice article
4 Things Every Beginner Chef Should Know

Our Chef in Your Ear experts have a host of skills between them, but one thing they’re especially great at is giving advice...

Backyard bbq bb 625x345 article
How Tech Can Help You Plan Your Next Family BBQ

Delicious ways to hook up with the family. Plus, 5 cool tech gadgets for family entertaining...

Placenta article
Should I eat my placenta?

Blueberries, turkey bone, placenta. No – this isn’t a recipe, just a random sample of items in my freezer...