Devon Scoble

Devon Scoble

Toronto, ON, CA

Freelance writer

Devon Scoble is a Toronto writer specializing in shareable lifestyle content: food, parenting, wellness, entertainment and more! Contact her at devonscoble at gmail dot com.

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One pot article
14 one-pot family meals, ready in 30 minutes or less : The Loop

These one pot recipes minimize prep, maximize flavour and grace your table and tummy with warm, delicious comfort in 30 minutes or less...

Stock footage empty swing set article
Three cheers for my child-free friends!

And thank you for your selflessness...

Image miscarriage article
What my miscarriage taught me

If there is any good in this experience, it must be in the sharing...

Aria 2c henry moore article
The Las Vegas cure

When sin is your specialty, you naturally learn a thing or two about redemption...

Overnight head article
13 delicious breakfasts you can make overnight in a slow cooker ...

If you love sleeping in and waking immediately to a fresh cooked breakfast, congratulations: you are a regular human. Unfortunately, this very normal desire is hard to satisfy when you’re among the 99.9 per cent who don’t have a personal chef lurking about. That’s why we rounded up these 13 recipes that cook or set overnight. You’ll still have to lift the spoon to your own mouth, but it’s a small price to pay for such luxury...

Rotisserie chicken article
18 delicious ways to transform a store-bought rotisserie chicken ...

You’re buying these deli chickens, so why not do something fabulous with them?

Dad article
New research says you definitely look more like your dad : The Loop

Research from the University of North Carolina is giving moms one more reason to collectively lose their bananas over dads getting credit for everything...

Email article
How to stop your inbox from ever getting out of hand again : The Loop

It’s been about 20 years since email became a regular feature in our work and personal lives, and if familiarity breeds contempt, the distress signals are clear: stuffed inboxes, lost and unanswered messages and stress. But it doesn’t have to be this way...

Placenta article
Should I eat my placenta?

Blueberries, turkey bone, placenta. No – this isn’t a recipe, just a random sample of items in my freezer...

Listen article
This is why your kids aren't listening to you : The Loop

This is why your kids aren't listening to you : The...

Bonebroth article
Your guide to bone broth, the hottest new health drink : The Loop

Cause everyone’s talking about it (and sipping it)...

Turkey1 article
Deep frying a turkey is a lot easier (and a lot more delicious) than ...

Once you try a deep-fried bird, you’ll never go back. Here’s how it’s done.

Rolls1 article
One tube of crescent rolls, 21 magical ways to use it

Once upon the eighties, a tube of crescent rolls and a pack of hot dogs meant a party was about to happen (in your mouth). Home cooking has come a long way since then, and the humble crescent roll has evolved alongside it, wrapping itself around all sorts of inventive recipes. From retro to contemporary, here are 21 of our favourites...

Healthy holiday article
Finally, a healthy holiday menu that doesn't suck : The Loop

These 27 easy recipes will turn your holiday dinner into a hearty and healthy feast from start to finish.

Soup article
19 hearty soups you can whip up in under an hour : The Loop

Because nothing says fall like a hot soup on a cold night.